Anarchy Arena sees action on the 23rd

ANARCHY Wrestling returns to Cornelia on Sat Aug 23. Buck gets a title shot against Hancock, The Elite challenges Sexton & Moore for the tag titles, CB Suave & Tommy Penirelli face off one more time for the TV title and Slim J defends the Young Lions title against Joey Rhymer. All this and much more! Tix only $10.

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08/17/14: Anarchy Wrestling TV episode 446 is now available in our Latest Videos below and the archive.

08/15/14: Bill Behrens has updated his News and Notes.

08/10/14: Anarchy Wrestling TV Taping Results for 8-9-14
Cornelia, GA Est Attendance 110

Lars Manderson, Trever Aeon, Vandal & Joey Rhymer def Jeremy Foster, Supernatural, Kevin Blue & Alex Avgerinos when Manderson pinned Avgerinos

Corey Hollis def Matt Fortune

Todd Sexton & Bobby Moore retained the Anarchy Tag Team Titles def Chip Day & CB Suave. Postmatch Jeff G Bailey announced the Elite team of Iceberg & Se7en would challenge for the Tag Titles on August 23.

Miss Rachael introduce the new Anarchy Champion BJ Hancock and said Billy Buck was never hurt rather scared of being hurt by Hancock. BJ Hancock with Miss Rachael, Manderson & Rhymer retained the anarchy Heavyweight Title def Brody Chase. Postmatch Chase was attached 3 on 1 until Stryknyn cleared the ring. Slim J def UK newcomer Don Black to retain the Anarchy Young Lions Title

Tommy Penirelli def the returning Jacob Ashworth by submission to retain the Anarchy TV Title. Postmatch he was challenged to on final match by former champion CB Suave and whoever loses can not challenge the other so long as he holds the title.

Mike Posey came out and said he almost did not return to Anarchy after losing the Anarchy Title but that he still had something to prove, that he is a real wrestler, "Old School", not a Side Show Freak, who wears face paint and a dress, which brought out Stryknyn who blew a fireball before entering the ring. Stryknyn called Posey, Elroy Jetson before attacking him to start the match. Mike Posey def Stryknyn when BJ Hancock & Rachael distracted the ref allowing Manderson to plany Strynyn and set him up for a Posey top rop leg drop. Post match Rachael's group attacked Stryknyn 3 on 1 until Billy Buck hit the ring and set the grou[p running. It was announced that Buck would challenge Hancock on August 23 for the Anarchy Title.

In the Main Event, Azrael Mikael Judas and Slim J (replacing Geter) def Se7en, Iceberg & Shaun Tempers when Azrael pinned Tempers. Postmatch Bailey began berating Tempers for his recent losing steak including losing the Young Lions Title. Tempers made the mistake of grabbing Bailey and was then beatdown for an extended period by Bailey, Se7en & Iceberg. It appears Tempers is out of the Elite, likely replaced under the 3 man team restriction by Jagged Edge. Tempers was helped from the ring.

Anarchy Wrestling TV episode 445 is now available in our Latest Videos below and the archive.

08/03/14: Anarchy Wrestling TV episode 444 is now available in our Latest Videos below and the archive.

07/29/14: Three titles changed hands on Saturday night! Ladies and Gentlemen, your NEW...... 1) Young Lions Champion Slim J .... 2) Television Champion Tommy Penirelli ..... 3) Anarchy Heavyweight Champion BJ Hancock!

07/27/14: Larry Goodman, from, has his report from the 26th in Cornelia and it's available right here. Anarchy Wrestling TV episode 443 is now available in our Latest Videos below and the archive.

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Two new DVDs to announce, sort of. First is Hardcore Hell 2014 from March 29th, with the DVD cover and card below. Second is a classic, Hardcore Hell 2010 has been reissued, with the DVD cover and card below. Both are a must have for any Anarchy Wrestling fan and are available in the Merchandise section!


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